The Best Environmental Screening Technology for Cannabis

Posted by Milan Patel on June 29, 2018

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Imagine with the stroke of a Q-tip you can identify up to 40 bugs on your cannabis crop and your cannabis facility. which can wreak havoc in terms of compliance testing or worse, destroy your crop entirely. That knowledge is powerful, and it is available to growers now.

Growers can reduce risk, reduce effort, save time and, of course, save money with the right tools and technology. Emerging technologies have simplified the DNA technology methods for cannabis testing. DNA-based testing is an improved method that will protect growers’ investments and consumers’ health.

With recent and ongoing advancements in molecular biology, DNA testing has become a useful instrument to assess the safety, quality and integrity of the cannabis supply chain. More researchers and regulatory authorities are looking to DNA testing for highly sensitive and accurate crop testing. If state regulators employ standards that require the use of DNA testing methodologiesto assess the safety and authenticity of samples, then samples cannot be ‘gamed’ in terms of remediation to circumvent the testing standards.

With more surgical precision than the standard culture-based methods, DNA-based methods are better suited to the cannabis industry. It is more specific and faster than plate counting methods. The pinpoint accuracy of DNA-based pathogen testing for the cannabis industry is getting a lot of attention from regulators and many labs are quickly incorporating it into their testing protocols.

Protecting Cannabis Crop and Growers

Crops with test results that fall outside certain allowable regulatory limits can be barred from retail sale. That means that the failed crop would probably only be eligible for processing into concentrates or edibles. (These products sell for significantly lower prices.) Or worse, in some states the crop might be tagged for “no remediation” and will be required to be destroy Growers stand to lose a lot of money if they don’t pass the laboratory tests.

Cannabis cultivators now have the ability to accurately identify infected plants before they show any visual signs of infection. They can pre-screen with easy-to-use DNA- based test kits, and then treat or remove the infected plants before the fungus or other microbial has a chance to produce spores or spread to neighboring plants.

Early DNA-based testing can identify plants infected with russet mites and powdery mildew, to name just a few, before they show visual symptoms. Growers pre-screen to make sure they are not introducing infected plants to the grow operation, and they continue to screen plants throughout their life to keep pathogens in check.

Early Screening for Cannabis Growers

Keeping up with the science of regulatory compliance can be an exhausting task. While the science might be complicated, DNA-based testing doesn’t have to be. More growers are choosing to get out ahead of the regulators by testing their own product to avoid costly remediation, fines and loss of crops and time.

This is a smart solution that ensures a consistent flow to market of pure cannabis product from a reliable source.

There are DNA-based products on the market, like PathogenDx, that do not require any specialized mycology training. Relatively easy to use for anyone with basic molecular biology training, tests like this can be smoothly integrated into a grower’s protocol.

With the building pressure of regulations, it is becoming more prevalent and more important than ever for growers to pre-screen for contaminants to make sure their product is clean. Pre-screening mitigates risk from an economics standpoint as well as a compliance standpoint.

Equip your grow organization with a straightforward cannabis lab testing setup that offers you the comprehensive protection you need to pass safety regulations and assure safe product for your buyers. This approach gives retailers and the public confidence that a grower’s supply chain is clean and healthy.

Labs, regulators, and now even growers prefer to use certain DNA-based testing kits. DNA-based PathogenDx is an ideal solution for testing for growers because it is easy, fast, and addresses the major pain points they are experiencing. DNA-based evidence is often irrefutable in other industries. Microbial testing on cannabis is no different. This technology is a great fit for cannabis growers.

If you are a cannabis grow operation, contact us today at or call us at 800-641-5751 to learn why PathogenDx DNA-based testing is your best choice for pre-screening of your crop.

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Written by Milan Patel